You are a Canadian Citizen already if you were born in Canada. However, if you are living in Canada as a Permanent resident, you will need to apply for Canadian citizenship. Numerous steps must be taken when applying for Canadian citizenship. Some of the steps may be complex and require guidance from an authorized immigration and citizenship consultant.

Key Requirements for Citizenship.

  • You must be lawfully admitted to Canada as a Permanent resident.
  • Applicant must prove residency in Canada for at least three years out of the past five years.
  • Your Permanent resident status must not be invalidated by a failure to maintain your residency requirements.
  • Proof of adequate knowledge of one of Canada’s official languages.
  • Must pass citizenship test to prove adequate knowledge about history, geography, culture and Government system of Canada.

If you want to apply for, renounce or restore your Canadian Citizenship, please contact 4Ways Canada Immigration for a free consultation.